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Detective conan episode 1 English sub part 1 Detective Conan Latest Episode

Watch Detective conan episode 1 English sub part 1 Online Detective Conan Full Episodes At Detective Conan TV

Watch Detective conan episode 1 English sub part 1 Online At DetectiveConan.TV

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  1. One of the anime I love watching.

  2. Nhạc mở đầu hay quá

  3. Detective Conan show is getting a bit boring the entire series of over 800 episodes is a repetitive cycle of Conan helping that lousy detective Mouri to become the best detective in japan to get more case of the Black Organizations which is most likely wanted by the government instead of law-enforcement. The reason is because I think Conan is taking too much time to advance the story, just look how many days passed on Conan, Is he’s distracted by spending too much with detective moron which he is not romantic by the way he only acts romantic when his clients are young women and trying to impress them for a date. His 2-dimensional damsels in distress daughter who good at karate but somehow gets captured, provide little help much for Conan/Shinichi of solving the case, and she’s a hopeless lovesick crybaby useless character of the entire series she almost worst as Sakura from the Naruto series. I think that maybe what's best for her is stay out of his way of solving cases and probably saving the world. Ran friend who is also a completely useless character all she cares about this entire series is looking for boys to be her boyfriend. And finally the three comic relief children who provide a little bit of help of solving the case all they do in story is being kids who they have no clue of taking down the bad guy, solving the case all by themselves, being annoying and obnoxious, and always causing trouble which is Conan who always saves the day of them getting into trouble. So far how many times cases Conan experience so far, the case is too simple, like oh I found the evidence then say the culprit was him, the culprit says why they do it because the reason is always same like revenge, jealous, etc. for time to time and how many times Conan is wasting his time with those characters when he’s going somewhere with them, how many time he goes to an island, mountain, villa or etc. Is like the creator forgot the whole idea what Conan should really be doing is to find the Black Organization and turn back to normal. For what’s best for Conan is to join the Japanese Intelligence Agency and become both a young Sherlock Holmes and James Bond in order to stop the Black Organizations. All I’m just saying that maybe Conan needs a more capable of people like Professor Agasa the creator of Conan gadgets, Heiji Hattori another teen detective and Conan rival, and finally Ai Haibara a former member of the Black Organization who also turns into a kid and the creator of the pill. As a team and other people like them to help Conan against the Black Organization. If you guys agree what I wrote for the comments about the show and if you guys care about the show then we should ask all of the other fans of Detective Conan to tell the creator to change the plot of the story for Conan to focus more of defeating the Black Organization or just finish the story.

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