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Detective Conan Abridged (parody) Episode 7 Detective Conan Latest Episode

Watch Detective Conan Abridged (parody) Episode 7 Online Detective Conan Full Episodes At Detective Conan TV

Watch Detective Conan Abridged (parody) Episode 7 Online At DetectiveConan.TV

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Episode 7: Shinichi Edogawa!?!

Ran suspects Conan isn’t who he is, and a doctor’s son gets kidnapped. Could it be the work of an angry parent, or more likely, could it be the Origami Killer!?

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  1. Katelynn the wolf Tomassi

    Nice work hehe

  2. I've had Nintenditus since birth. I AM IMMUNE TO THE DISEASE.

  3. Does anyone know haibara

  4. *** StudMuffinz1120 ***

    THATS HOW I READ XD seriously though i realise this is anime but he was definetly not reading that

  5. 03:29 Today is February the 19th O.o Iluminati confirmed!!!

  6. "Hey look, there's a barcode!" "What the Hell's a barcode?" "Y'know, they're stripes on a box." "Actually, I beilieve they are called Zebra liney things." 

    lol. I laughed soo hard on that part! XD!

  7. i can't stop laughing when i hear ran's voice XD

  8. When Conan kicked the soccer ball towards the kidnapper, that would've been the perfect time to make a Falcon Kick joke.

  9. damn you win this round


  11. What is the game????

  12. 01:28 which mech is that

  13. KingNikolasBojakKai Junior

    Here's a puzzler. Would you rather watch Twilight or Dragon Ball Evolution?

  14. Why does Yuta sound like Stitch?? XDD

  15. i know i love it and always get excited when it happens

  16. -I think we should let this man go and not call the police.
    -Hell no you nearly killed my son

  17. I love breaking the fourth wall. P.S. YOU JUST LOST THE GA-ME~

  18. pretty much, breaking the fourth wall is when a someone goes out of character and says something that doesn't apply, like when he said he saw it on youtube, he is breaking the fourth wall by saying he watched the anime of himself. It's kinda hard to explain. also, when a character talks to the audience, saying something like: please enjoy this show etc., They are also breaking the fourth wall.

  19. @Martialmichael126 …. Thx for replying, ill try

  20. martialmichael126

    I'm not going to encourage piracy, so I'd like to direct you to the DVDs. The season one box sets go for less than $20 on Amazon, you get much better audio and video, AND it comes with the dub and sub (with a much more readable sub than a fansub.)

  21. where can i find this episode but the original one?

  22. i kill u and ur famliy 5:49

  23. Oh god, the fourth wall joke. XD

  24. and the fourth wall collapses killing thousands in the process lol

  25. @DumaFire if you want to watch it subbed go to nwanime, they have it and in pretty good quality too.

  26. @reddiver1234 I dunno EXACTLY what it is, but its known as breaking the 4th wall when a TV character speaks to the Audience.
    Exs.Numerous times in Saved by the Bell,Sonic Colors cutscene

  27. i still laugh at the "next conans useless hint"

  28. martialmichael126

    @reddiver1234 tinyurl (dot) com/6zhwy6m

  29. i know ill sound dumb but whats the fourth wall?

  30. I was just kidding! *thinks* NOT! lol

  31. i love the 4th wall line

  32. you got to love the fourth wall.

  33. @martialmichael126 So true!

  34. martialmichael126

    @DumaFire Eh, the English names don't bother me too much, they just kinda feel out of place, ya know?

  35. I LOVED this episode, when she called him Jimmy and he responded so normally >>

    Sorry, all I could find was the dub for this series. TTnTT I'm used to the cheap names, lake Jimmy and Rachel.

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