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Detective Conan Abridged (parody) Episode 2 Detective Conan Latest Episode

Watch Detective Conan Abridged (parody) Episode 2 Online Detective Conan Full Episodes At Detective Conan TV

Watch Detective Conan Abridged (parody) Episode 2 Online At DetectiveConan.TV

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Episode 2: The Identity Crisis

An episode that thinks it’s a pilot, but is actually a normal episode.

Shinichi Kudo solves his first case as a Conan Edagawa, when he saves some girl from being stabbed to death.

Detective Conan is property of Gosho Aoyama, TMS Entertainment, and YTV. Detective Conan is Licensed by Funimation Entertainment. Please support the official releases.

For song info read the credits at the end of the video.

French Translation by Mayo-Lek Poppu-fan

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  1. TheDwarvenDefender

    I cannot find a Detective Conan / Case Closed parody that I once saw. I believe the intro concluded with something like "Please support the official release. Also, demand more of the official release! There are like 700 episodes out in Japan and only like 12 in English? Seriously!" It also included a joke where the jingle "ACE DETECTIVE" played and those words appeared on the screen, along with pictures of Shinichi's head. I believe this joke was included both when Shinichi and Ran were in the schoolyard and walking through the amusement park. I have searched many different names and still cannot find that parody.

  2. Omg that jimmy kudo joke made me laugh so hard!

  3. 6:53 How does he even keep his job? XD

  4. Katelynn the wolf Tomassi

    Conan: quick lass to the bitch
    Dog: woof woof
    Rachel: wait for me
    Nice lass movie refrincess

  5. oh, come on, those were ShinRan moments and not boring

  6. Haha, the dub names are shit.

  7. Ah yes, the good ol' laws of matter.

  8. I think detective conn may end in 2 3 years because gosho ayoma said he wanted to retire at 53 and he is 50

  9. orangeunicorn2009

    I like bagels!!!LOL this is great XD

  10. Google's too advanced

    this was 11 months ago when i was more stupid than a brainless donkey

  11. He's being sarcastic idiot.

  12. You tell em!

  13. I watched the original series but I think this is better

  14. Sonja Gottschalk

    I like bagels as well. ^^ (Sorry for my crappy english…hehe…crappy…is a funny word (no i'm not drunken! I'm always like this ^^° Special Edition c:

  15. tell me about it, my parents came to my room to see whats going on


  17. Oh. My. Glob. Marry me; this is so freaking funny! (: You've helped me find another outlet for my Detective Conan fever (:

  18. Why Am I So Awesome, you ask. Because i have LASER-SIGHT~!

  19. yeah right thanks

  20. Soo funny

  21. What did Rachel sayd?? SUper…Kicker time??

  22. Kathleen Matthews

    "WHAT? Oh no….I'm a little sh*t again!!!" XD I laughed so hard.

  23. martialmichael126

    Oh, well in that case, I'm sorry your comment is so irrelevant to my video.

  24. Google's too advanced

    no. but they did dragonball z

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