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Case Closed Podcast Episode 30 Detective Conan Latest Episode

Watch Detective Conan Podcast Episode 30 Online Detective Conan Full Episodes At Detective Conan TV

Watch Detective Conan Podcast Episode 30 Online At DetectiveConan.TV

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WARNING: For any new people who may not have seen the series or parts of it, there are spoilers in this episode! Also, there are some audio issues as well, but hopefully they are not too troublesome for all of you!

This is the 30th edition of the Detective Conan Podcast! In this episode, we have a roundtable discussion regarding the recent news on Netflix airing the series, plans for 2016, our February panel, and the fandub! It’s a LONG episode, so be prepared for that as well!

Also, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Next month, myself, Professor C, and Travis will be traveling to ConNooga for the first Detective Conan Panel of 2016 and we need the support of everyone here in our community. Please visit our gofundme page ( where you can donate to help us with travel expenses, passes to the convention, how we will eat while we are there, etc. Any amount will help greatly. Please visit the page and if you want to help out the community in a big way, please donate!

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  1. amazing podcast!
    Also gotta say thanks for revealing the episodes that are shown on Netflix because I was confused when I saw the old school versions.
    Keep making the content its brilliant!😊

  2. Detective Conan/Case Closed is my number 1 favorite anime series ever! I knew about this anime for a very long time idk how long probably back somewhere in elementary school. Hahaha same age as Conan. :P. Anyways I hope this year will be the year that this anime will make it's mark. I really appreciate that you guys are standing up for this anime. im a shy person so im glad there are people like you that you're going worldwide on this anime. Btw my favorite character is, well I think you know. I dont have to spell it out for you. 😛 Oh ya I almost forgot i made a video to save case closed in my YouTube channel. Its not much and its my very first video so I hope that you check it out and like it I worked really hard on it. I'll do my part to save this show! Plus I saw Detective Conan/Case Closed on Netflix. I was a little disappointed cuz I thought you guys are going to talk about more. Oh well, Im happy that its on Netflix cuz people will see it and we will get more fans for the show.

  3. liking the episode so far, I'm about half way at this point.

  4. This was a rather long one, had to go through it on 1.5x speed to get through it, so hopefully I didn't miss anything. It was fun to sit and go through it though and hear everyone's view points! (For some reason only Professor C's voice comes through the left-side of my head-phones)

    I'll relay some thoughts (though this'll be a long comment, kind of hard to avoid it this time) – Spoilers in the comments – Kind of typed this up as I went along so I didn't try to bring up anything irrelevant to the podcast. Given this was a three and a half hour podcast, my thoughts are more or less a novel.

    So far, Kid knowing Shinichi is Conan is only in the movies, since there was an actual investigation in Movie 3 and they just kept recurring that theme. If it's even mentioned in the manga/anime, it's so ambiguous that it be easier to say he doesn't know. I would say he doesn't know since it kind of violates the "rules" of canon and mystery in general. There's no reason Kid should know Conan is Shinichi in the manga.

    As far as Rum, I don't think they'll pull a "reveal" in Movie 20. They are largely hinting at some sort of appearance though, probably to take advantage of hype. I think the scenario in M18 was different because by 704, everyone had enough clues to piece together that Subaru was Akai, and M18 just confirmed that (even though it wasn't directly said until Scarlet). By the time the movie airs, the anime will not have enough, or hardly any more clues than we do now.
    I think that either Rum will show up in the manga before April, or that he'll only show up in some really "subtle" form for the movie.
    Gosho did say that Rum has already appeared (at File 906, or Episode 792) or sometime before this, but I think this was probably referring to Lum (from Urusei Yatsura). He made a couple hints to this, the hint coincided with that file, and Haibara even made a joke to the whole Rum=Lum thing in that chapter. It's worth nothing that Gosho drew Lum as Rum in 2007 as some sort of contribution to honor Rumiko Takahashi / Urusei Yatsura.
    I think given the prosthetic eye was the only thing that added up in his description, it's really hard to put together any sensible suspects. Some people try to include Heizo Hattori or even Kiyonaga Matsumoto in this, though there's no evidence of an artificial eye…
    Kuroda, so far, I think is the only one that fits the description of having a prosthetic, but I think he is a red herring and basically confirmed not to be Rum in file 925. So with all that being said, I can only think that Rum will be a new character since the current suspects don't make any sense. I'm waiting for some more information for sure, and think that we'll get some reasonably soon.

    I don't think there was any specific mention of "when" the boss appeared, I think Gosho just said that his full name appeared somewhere in the manga, and most fans have just reasoned that it was somewhere early on. I know the whole Yoko Okino was intended to be the boss or Vermouth early on is a pretty popular theory… but plans changed. He originally planned so Haibara would appear early on, but when he realized that the series was successful, that changed, hence her appearance being delayed until 129, when she was initially shown as a silhouette in the chapter where her sister appeared. I think the anime further changed the ending of that episode to better ease into Haibara's appearance after Akemi's death. It did allow for better pacing, that's for sure.
    In fact, in regards to the boss, wasn't the first clear mention of a boss in the Haido City Hotel Case (Reunion with the Black Organization)? – So I'd say the assumption that it's something in the first few volumes is a bit of a stretch.

    Given it's been 11 years (approximately), I think the next suspicion arc has to be the last one, or it would really not do Ran's characters any justice, not that they really have over these past years… I do think forensic evidence will play a big role, whether it be the fingerprints on the omamori, or that hint in Bourbon's debut (File 794). I'm hoping that even if it takes awhile, Gosho won't introduce another half-assed suspicion arc and just finish it off once and for all.
    I'd be more interested in how Kogoro will react if he ever learns the truth though. I don't think he has to worry about Ran killing him, because if she doesn't, he definitely will.

    On the topic of "shipping", I don't really care for this whole aspect of it, which is really popular in the community in general. People get so interested in pairings, and it's really not "that type of show", that and people will "ship" anything. I blame tumblr for most of this, but really, it happens everywhere. In fact, I actively dislike the romance in the series, minus a few exceptions.
    Though I suppose this is only an annoyance to me because people talk about this excessively and not anything else about the series.

    My favorite character(s) would be Haibara, Conan, and Akai. I really like Haibara's back-story and watching her develop through the years, although I'll say she's been less interesting since the Vermouth arc (like many characters), I still enjoy her personality. I think she provides some great comedic relief, sometimes next to Kogoro, and Akai, well, Akai is just a bad-ass. It's nice to have someone who isn't overshadowed by Conan all the time (minus Scarlet, I guess technically), and I like "morally gray" characters. Even Haibara isn't out of the mix here since it was assumed she was going to test APTX on Numabuchi (probably killing him).

    As far as hosting video content (be it the fan-dub or anything else), you could do that with the Save Case Closed page on Google+ (shouldn't be hard to find). They seem to be rather lenient when it comes to copyright and they use a similar flash player like YouTube.

    I suppose this might be a bad way to look at it, but given dubs aren't the "original" in the first place, it's hard to complain. Be it a fan-dub, or official content, it really doesn't matter to me, though of course when it comes to official content I'd like to hear a majority of the voice cast that they started with. I think anybody would.

    I think the sub/dub argument is something, regardless of Detective Conan is concerned, that just happens regardless with anime in general. Many people who like anime just will hate on anything dubbed, never giving it the light of day. While I do prefer the Japanese VAs, I still really do like the English dub. In fact, I've liked quite a few dubs in particular (GitS, Cowboy Bebop, Black Lagoon, FLCL).
    Aside from some localization changes (which are mostly the names) and some of the puzzles/mysteries that don't translate well (movie 2 is a prime example), there aren't really any huge changes between the two. I'll say my disinterest in the dub over the years more or less has to do with the amount of official content out there and that I've consistently listened to the Japanese VAs over the past decade.

    I think in regards to 2016, this is a year that could "potentially" have big news for Detective Conan. Singapore (and a couple other Asian countries) did show Movie 19 with English subtitles in theaters, though I don't think that made it to a DVD release. I know they also have their own version of the manga as well, though it's really sporadic.
    With Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Discotek, there's some potential here alone, though I think the Discotek thing is still more of an optimistic guess than anything.
    Netflix's situation is intriguing to me since they have episodes Crunchy doesn't, yet their content seems to be sourced from Crunchy. I won't bore everyone with my thoughts on the matter (they are on the forums), but I'll just recap and say it's interesting to me for that reason. It could be a foreshadowing of more of the backlog to come, or they might get FUNImation's episodes (up to 123) which would be significant to me, even more so than getting some of the backlog from 748, since there isn't a good site that offers a starting point for fans. FUNimation's website is pretty inconvenient to use… I think Netflix, at the least, will upload what Crunchy does in bulk after some point in time. I wouldn't doubt that they might get some of the movies as well, and it would be really cool to see something like Movie 20 show up on Netflix, even if it takes until sometime in 2017.
    I don't think anything will ever have as big of an impact as Crunchy does for the anime, at least for current fans and people who have been keeping up with it.

    I'm certainly looking forward to the fan-dub, it sounds like everything has finally come together. Hopefully once you get past these couple episodes, you won't have too many hurdles with the insane amount of characters/voices! Looking forward to seeing the next podcast or live stream if I can make it.
    I'd definitely be all for the "theory suggestion". Definitely like talking about the series in any way possible, but as someone who does keep up with as much of everything as possible, just talking about some of the recent theories, or anything in particular is always especially nice.

  5. btw can you reupload and fix the mixer? only hear it in my right ear

  6. what's the intro instrumental name? can't remember

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