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CASE CLOSED Non-Anime Fan Reaction – Anime Aneurysm Detective Conan Latest Episode

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Watch CASE CLOSED Non-Anime Fan Reaction – Anime Aneurysm Online At DetectiveConan.TV

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Join a dedicated anime fan as he submits Detective Conan Episode 3 “Beware of Idols” for a non-anime fan’s predictions, first impressions, reactions, and ratings. [Episode 19]

Matt & Rocky’s Anime Aneurysm is a Japanese animation-focused show that features a non-anime-fan’s predictions, first impressions, reactions, and ratings of each series submitted to him. Want to contribute an anime or episode suggestion? Check out our Patreon!

Jimmy Kudo is a high school detective who sometimes works with the police to solve cases. During an investigation, he is attacked by members of a crime syndicate known as the Black Organization. They force him to ingest an experimental poison, however, the poison transforms him into a child instead of killing him. Adopting the pseudonym Conan Edogawa and keeping his true identity a secret, Kudo lives with his childhood friend Rachel Moore and her father Richard, who is a private detective. Throughout the series, he tags along on Richard’s cases, but when he is able to solve one, he uses a tranquilizer needle to put Richard to sleep, and impersonates his voice to reveal the solution to the case. He also enrolls in a local elementary school where he makes friends with a group of classmates who form their own Junior Detective club.

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  1. jimmy kudo wtf ?? xD


    wtf are you saying if u watch the series properly you see that ran has always thought that conan was sinichi and she was sure of it but never mentioned it because she wanted conan to reveal it himself but she stops suspecting him for a long while because she sees conan and sinichi in the same place

  3. Oh the english names… hah 🙂 I'm suffering inside

  4. Hands down. Favorite. Anime. Ever.

  5. It's still airing!!!😄

  6. i watch this show went i was a kid

  7. tbh p much all the time I wouldn't solve to murder
    I watched like 400 episodes and my correct guesses for murderer were probably a combination of chance and episodes where the mystery was one part–like the method–and the culprit was made obvious.

  8. Geez, watching this old episode to today's episode is such a change in animation quality.

  9. my favorite anime

  10. Kindaichi still better, because the culprit have an equal position and strong murder sense even they dare to challange the detective to uncover the trick whereas in case closed, every culprit tends to hide under the hood to keep the suspicion off.
    I am not good at putting it into words but let me just give you an illustration.. Kindaichi vs culprit -> they both neck on neck if it's race or kindaichi gives punch and the culprit will punch back meanwhile Conan vs Culprit -> Conan gives some punch and the culprit only just evade but never give reaction by hit back for him.

  11. MegaKaitouKID1412

    To be fair, that image is not from 1996 that you showed him. The show has been running consistently since 1996, so it look quite different nowadays compared to the original animation haha. Also, the character development in the series does change some of the funny dynamics you mention: I think my favourite moment in the series is when Detective Takagi randomly rattles of the details of a case he's working on to Conan when Conan asks because he's just so used to Conan being at crime scenes.

    "Did that sweet little pop idol do that": Actually, if you look at the chapter carefully, knowing the existence of Vermouth, you can actually see some things that appeared to be potentially early foreshadowing that Yoko was to have Vermouth's role in the way Gosho originally planned the series not knowing the length. To this day, some people use that evidence as fuel for a Yoko is the Black Organisation's Boss theory, though I'm definitely in the "Yoko was probably going to have Vermouth's role until Sharon Vineyard was given it" side of it.

  12. RandomAnimeFan M.K

    i was SO happy when i saw this in my recomendation

  13. Gielaica the skeleton

    this is like me introducing undertale to my friends.
    I get exited just by explaining.
    And I love watching detective conan when I was a kid but then they removed it from the show routine!
    Ugh I want it back!

  14. Gielaica the skeleton

    The music in the background though!

  15. KingHelianTheXVIII

    Bruh this was one of my favorite anime when I lived in Japan.

  16. detective lps1412

    I love this show so much. it is literally my life everyday

  17. I love case close it's my favorite anime I hate that it's not that popular here in the states but with that said you guys a troll this shit hard.

  18. ElenaStarShine ;D

    "It's cute :3, do you like murder?" 😀

  19. SealTeamRick D99 -

    dude, watch soulbronumbah3 case closed redub video. It's amazing.

  20. fine piece of aspegers

    meitantei Conan was my first ever anime and actually was the thing that helped me get together with my future wife 😀 I still loooove it to death. the English dub is quite awful though the German one is great.

  21. this is my favorite anime

  22. This show is absolutely fantastic. One of the best cartoons that has ever been on TV in any country.

  23. also the anime is really good

  24. Case closed song would like crap when in English but not bad in Japanese

  25. Thomas Dickensheets

    English is better.

  26. "quite simple"
    this is an anime that if you have patience for it gets amazing

  27. Sometimes he transform in to Shinichi back. but this ony for….one day… everytime…annd so on…

  28. Why would you show a non anime watcher subbed anime?

  29. The really tragic part of the show, I think, is that Conan/Shinichi DOES age. Without an antidote, he'll always be about twelve years younger than the girl he loves.
    I loved that you covered this one, Matt! Thank you very much! This is one of my favorites!

  30. Do they HAVE to change it to Japanese? That's why rocky never gets into it.

  31. ILovePeanutButter // DoNotBelieve

    when im not used to english dub lol i just watch english SUB not DUB

  32. That awkward moment when you want Detective Conan to go on forever…

  33. "i just wanna fuck bitches" XD

  34. Why do they always watch subbed? Just asking I like Subbed to but why start it in English then switch it too Japanese?

  35. you should do it with a later episode like kaito kid or hattori heji..

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