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Case Closed Live Episode 9 Detective Conan Latest Episode

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  1. XXWhitePhantom1412

    I would love to bring The Follow up back at some point

  2. Definitely going to add the Lupin vs DC crossovers to my collection. Not my favorite movies due to the shear amount of fan-service, but they are still quite good in their own right.

    Really, I'd like to see more options for streaming DC/Case Closed. Crunchyroll is phenomenal, but aside from Funimation, I don't think there are too many options out there. Getting at least the first five seasons on Hulu would seem like a good step forward.
    Even if it's just a sub, the amount of legal content for the anime we have available to us is minimal. At the very least, I'd like to see Crunchyroll dive into the backlog at some point. It's such a popular request on that site, and it's really not an expensive or time-consuming process.

    I really would love to see it on Toonami, but I think part of the reason it was on such a horrid time-slot was due to the violence inherently present in some of the earlier episodes. I do remember that a couple of the early Case Closed airings (I think Bandaged Man Murder Case and Richard's Class Reunion) carried a TV-MA rating. I'm not sure that would be the case now, since things have obviously changed since 2004. It's really cutback over the years as well (but recently we've had another decapitation case in the manga).
    I think it might still be too graphic to fit on an early time-slot on many channels though. Unfortunately, I don't have too much hope that it will return to TV, especially anytime soon, and if it were to be on Adult Swim again, I have a feeling it would still get the shaft. That being said, I'd love to see it return period. I can't even stand the majority of the content on Adult Swim these days.

    Even if it's not a Season 6 dub, it could never hurt to dub some more of the movies.

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