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Case Closed Episode 1 English HD Detective Conan Latest Episode

Watch Detective Conan Episode 1 English HD Online Detective Conan Full Episodes At Detective Conan TV

Watch Detective Conan Episode 1 English HD Online At DetectiveConan.TV

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The anime case closed does not belong to me in anyway

i could not find this remastered episode in english so i decided to sync up the Hd Video track with the original sound from the 1st episode of case closed. But the remastered version has been edited in places so i had to see what i could do get the audio in sync with the video. The remastered version also does not feature the original killing of the 1st murder that why we jump straight into jimmy kudos 1st case.

i was not able to remove the subtitles so your gona have to make do .sorry about that.

If i could find more episodes of case closed remastered then i would be happy to sync more audio with the remastered version. but only on request otherwise i will just leave only this one episode up in HD

all thesepeople helped with producing this fine anime , i just wish that they had carried on with the english dub.

Written by Gosho Aoyama
Published by Shogakukan
English publisher Viz Media (North America)

Victor Gollancz Ltd (United Kingdom)
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Shōnen Sunday
Original run February 2, 1994 — ongoing
Volumes 72 (List of volumes)
TV anime
Directed by Kenji Kodama
Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Produced by Michihiko Suwa
Masahito Yoshioka
Music by Katsuo Ono
Studio TMS Entertainment
Licensed by Funimation Entertainment (North America)
Network NNS, Animax
English network Cartoon Network, Funimation Channel, Colours TV (USA)
YTV (Canada)
Animax Asia (Philippines)

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  1. It also makes the video understandable to the deaf and hard of hearing.

  2. the people that made case closed only made episode 1 hd. the rest (2-132)are all 480p standard and the 1 episodes that i have doesnt have the opening,

  3. i have'nt found any more of the earlier episodes in hd but i have all the english dubbed episodes in ok quality + movies. there a re 132 episode english dubbed and like 6 movies. i can upload if you need to see them. since it's such a good show.=]

  4. Jimmy Kudo!? Seriously? Only in America will they change the protagonist's name.

  5. The clip was originally in japanese with english sub's. So I used audio from the same episode but in english dub, then Synced the two to get HD video with english dub. since I can't find the episode in english dub.I left the subs in because it would take to long to remove them.

  6. for sure can i please

  7. why you need the sub title when you can understand English

  8. unknownmagician15

    WOW way to leave a cliffhanger….XD

  9. yeh I dont really care that they dont look Japanese just saying but thanks for the tip

  10. unknownmagician15

    well no one in the manga looks Japanese either. It's just the art. The characters can look like whatever the author of the manga wants but it can take place in Japan or anywhere. There are plenty of other animes in which the characters look different than their general reality population.

  11. eh i dont even care its still awsome

  12. In the manga when Gin gives Jimmy the drug he says,"No guns, this place is still crawlin' with cops. Let's use this. The new poisonous drug the syndicate developed. This poison is untraceable in the body. It'll be an UNSOLVABLE murder! But this stuff's still in development. Never been used on humans."

  13. i mean by using the necklace

  14. read the books the guy got his head cut off by that ladies necklace!

  15. is it strange that no one in the show looks Japanese

  16. jimmy? wat the fuck

  17. how about, no.

  18. Cool!

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