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Case closed: Conan hits on Rachel Detective Conan Latest Episode

Watch Case closed: Conan hits on Rachel Online Detective Conan Full Episodes At Detective Conan TV

Watch Case closed: Conan hits on Rachel Online At DetectiveConan.TV

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Jimmy’s Rival, Harley Hartwell, gives Conan some alcohol for a cold. This is from Episode 48 of the English dub. Case closed is by Funimation.

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  1. lol he's so cute!!

  2. What ep is this?!

  3. toocool2518cookies family

    😂😂😂 talk about cheesy puns

  4. Stop at 0:08 LOL that face thought

  5. the out takes are funny Rachael voice actor and conan do a in prob scene where she says if he feels lonely he can join her in her bed and jimmy is like what!

  6. Anya Blaze/Sweet Wishes Shapeshifter

    Pfft!!! LolololololololololololololololololoL

  7. Katerina Michelle

    Which episode is this does anybody know please tell me cuz I gotta know

  8. I sure hate to be Jimmy Kudo right now

  9. Rofl….

  10. PuzzlingPlaylists

    I wonder what Rachel's reaction is.

  11. yes i love the names changes.

  12. Is dying of laughter lol Conan you rock *hic*

  13. this episode isnt 48 its 49

  14. Is that really true (the name change thing)? I just thought that it got bad ratings, mainly because (if I remember correctly) it aired at like 2:00 am on Cartoon Network. I'm not sure that having the Japanese names would have fixed that problem.



  16. oh my

  17. AnimeWarriorofStuff

    best 10 seconds ever ._.

  18. Actually, in the eng sub version of DC…. conan didn't say "Hey there, Beautiful"….. in the eng sub he only says "Ran-neechan?" in a funny way…..

    well, whatever…. still funny,though!! wahahhahahaa………

  19. This is episode 22

  20. Christian Schmude

    this aint the only one to do that ya know? it aint unheard of. in fact most dubbs back in the day would do that. we have moved past it sure but the dub itself is good and from what ive read the show transisioned very well

  21. hey! just because conan's voice in jap dub IS played by a girl doesn't mean his voice will be good with an eng girl played his voice…

  22. Yes. in english. conan is played by a girl. you're quite the detective =3

  23. what ep is this???

  24. Hey there beautiful! BWAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHA

  25. conan has a girly voice .. i guess a girl is conans voice …

  26. seriously wtf was heiji thinking

  27. lol. that was when he was drunk!

  28. Ariel Startswithanr

    @Chrno34 But it could of at least started with the same letter or something. How many common English guy names start with S?

  29. Noctrynal- Obviously, you don't watch many dubs or you're just deaf to anything that's not spoken in japanese to objectively define the quality of voice-acting in other languages (i.e. standard weeabo).

    As for why the names were altered, it was mostly due to copyright and trademark disputes over the title name of the series. Otherwise,they would've left the names alone. Names aside, the plot, content and character portrayals are still the same.

  30. lol hey there beautiful XD rachel would have just went like WTF R U SAYING and then went into karate mode

  31. You wouldn't happen to be able to send me this clip would you?

  32. i am from germany and by us is the name from jimmy shinichi. why are they have other names in englsh? its sad…. :/
    (sry for my bad english ;))

  33. Again. So much better in Japanese than in english…

  34. @SilverEyedRukia Because saying "Shinichi Kudo" in english would make america look even more retarded when it comes to dubs than we already are. Our voice actors are terrible (Aside from vic)

  35. @AussieGirlsAreCool Rachel isn't going to beat the crap out of the Black Organization. She can barely protect herself without a little boy to her aid. She is an anime character who always acts tough and shows off her skills on objects, but when the times comes to actually using it when shes in danger she never does. I think she has a few times, but that's beside my point.

  36. @detectiveconan1998 Yeah, considering a homicide took place nearly every episode, it would be frustrating to edit out huh.

  37. OmegaCandy123456789


  38. shinnichi name in english is jimmy and ran's name in english is rachel
    if you people don't know that than here …
    and now u know there names I_I

  39. @blasterfx5 I mean that it's not even close to the real name <_< Not that the name itself sucks

  40. 4Kids would've censored this piece of gold if they had their grubby hands on it. Though, the dub was acceptable, luckily 4Kids never got it, or else it would be very bad XD

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