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Case Closed Clip – The Phantom Thief Appears! Detective Conan Latest Episode

Watch Detective Conan Clip – The Phantom Thief Appears! Online Detective Conan Full Episodes At Detective Conan TV

Watch Detective Conan Clip – The Phantom Thief Appears! Online At DetectiveConan.TV

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Interpol’s Most Wanted Thief Appears! 1412
Detective Conan is the final verdict for mystery fans who enjoy wrapping their minds around a good, old-fashioned whodunit.

The criminal mind is a twisted place, and Jimmy Kudo knows the shady corridors of humanity better than any detective in the game. There ain’t a bad guy in town who can outsmart him, so they try to put the super sleuth down for a dirt nap. But instead of ending up in a shallow grave, Jimmy wakes up to find himself turned back into a kid. Utilizing his unlikely new persona and the latest in crime-fighting gadgetry, he tracks down his assailants as boy detective Conan Edogawa.

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  1. Canadian Crafter

    i like how nakamouri was in it

  2. @Connor John (can't find your comment anymore) In my opinion, watch Detective Conan (Case Closed, as it's called in English) first, and finish Kaito Kid's debut in the series. Then watch Kaito Kid up until you notice Conan/Shinichi slip into the show. Switch back to DC and watch up until that point, and so and so forth. I think it's important to jump back and forth between the series, and seeing the motivations for each char. Kaito Kid is a thief with his own motives to Conan/Shinichi, while Conan/Shinichi seems to be a killjoy to Kaito Kid. And while I'm biased in wanting people to watch DC before Kaito Kid, it's because of what the show genres do to you.
    Detective Conan is a murder mystery anime, where you spend time learning chars, discovering crimes, and solving them. It's a thinking show, and requires patience. While Kaito Kid is a Phantom Thief, magic-fantasy anime, in which Kaito goes about being awesome and stealing whatever he likes. Action-packed, flirtatious, and fancy. It's easy to love Kaito Kid, the anime, for that, but it's important to take things slow and learn where all the chars and people came from, and their motivations, by moving slowly with DC. And, it seems I'm shitting on DC a lot, but they really improve on everything after just a little bit. Animation, mysteries, character development; the creators do such an amazing job at rewarding the readers for sticking around, with special guest appearances, OVAs, movies, etc.

    That's what I believe at least.

  3. why would I stop dubbing this show it was The best

  4. "Phantom Thief Appears"

  5. ohhhhh its so weird hearing this in Englishhhhh.

  6. UchihaItachi1986

    So Gosho Aoyama gave Kid Shinichi's face, and Funimation gave him his voice.

  7. Friday? More like I wanna die-day


  8. What episode is it from?

  9. check out my music itts not perfect but ayyye 🌊🐺🌊

  10. apparently when he disapeared he was one of those cops up in the roof lool. what a genius

  11. I always wondered why Case Closed got Americanized but all the other dubs funimation has are with the original Japanese names?

  12. MegaKaitouKID1412

    Hearing this scene with English is so weird.

  13. What Episode is that?!

  14. Ugghhhhh I can't stand the dub ;A;

  15. I like magic kaito way better the plots cooler, the animation is way more modern plus kaito is way more funnier

  16. Lol I love Kaito~~ this is my favourite rivalry

  17. soooooo…….. I now what I'm watching again now

  18. Little Mac Punch Out Boxer

    Is the phantom thief Jimmy?

  19. what episode is this please tell me

  20. Hey funimation, FUCK YOU for not continuing this dub. Y'all dropped the fucking BALL.

  21. Am I the only one who gets really annoyed with Conan's voice actor? Maybe it's because I have younger siblings, but they would be around Conan's age (what he appears to be) and they don't sound like little girls, nor are their voices THAT high pitched.

  22. Phoenix Meow Cat Attorney

    I am the only one who likes Magic Kaito 1412 more than Case Closed

  23. what about jail?
    what about it? thug life

  24. This is an awesome show but can't find a website to watch all of these


  26. I always found it kinda interesting that Kaito and Jimmy have the same voice actor

  27. how do you turn 1412 into the word kid

  28. One of my favorite FUNimation dubs ever I really wish they would continue dubbing it

  29. This was so epic

  30. what episode is this??

  31. I wonder if this will be an episode of Magic Kaito 1412? A flashback telling how Kaito Kid first encountered Conan, but from his perspective.

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